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Poseidon Preamplifier

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Key highlights:

– No silicon anywhere in signal path
– Silver wiring inside
– Copper foil, true metal sheet Lampizator capacitors in the signal path
– CNC milled sub-chassis.
– 6N1P input buffer tubes, 6N1P voltage gain triodes
– 6J5 or 6V6 or 6C2C or KR5 or CV1067 or L63 output driver tubes
– Volume control of the highest possible caliber in every unit with 63 discrete steps
– Channel tracking – within 1% on the volume scale
– All units are truly balanced and SE at the same time
– Zero feedback, neither local nor global
– Zero opamps
– Tube rectified power supply
– Hundreds of tube rolling permutations.

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Main parameters:

– 2 x analog input RCA, 2 x analog input XLR fully balanced
– Output impedance: 400 Ohms per phase
– Input impedance 470k per phase. 0,9M balanced
– 1 x analog output pair RCA and 1 x XLR balanced output (working simultaneously)
– Output level: 0dB full level @3V peak sinus 1 kHz per phase, 6V p-p for balanced
– Mains 110-115 – 220 – 230 – 240 V AC / consumption 85 VA
– Frequency response 15Hz-100 kHz @+/- 1,5 dB, >2 Hz-500kHz @ +/-6dB
– Overall amplification factor: 4x (6dB) – tube dependent (max 8x)
– Maximum possible amplitude output: 11V SE, 22V Balanced
– Volume setting to obtain 2 V output with standard digital source of 0dB: -10points SE, -15 points Bal
– Volume maximum signal output with standard digital source of 0dB: 3V SE, 4,7V Bal
– Input sensitivity @2Vpp output signal and max level setting: 625mV SE, 160 mV Bal
– THD @ 2V output: 0,09% SE, 0,02 % Bal

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 550 × 440 × 250 mm


LampizatOr is a Polish audio brand known for its high-end audio products, especially digital-to-analog converters (DACs), preamplifiers and other audio components. The company was founded in March 2010 by Lukasz Fikus, a passionate audio enthusiast. LampizatOr has earned a reputation for its unique approach to audio design with a focus on tube technology and hand craftsmanship.

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