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Atlantic-3 TRP

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Tube based power supply, choke CLC filtering, copper output caps, (from November 2022 with name change to Atlantic3 you get engine ELEVEN with DSD512x, Balanced or Single ended – by order, possibility to add full preamp feature with remote control, display, and resistor ladders. Balanced configuration is truly balanced, not merely an SE circuit with phase doubler at the end. You get also analog preamp inputs, newest USB firmware for Linux and Windows, and as standard you get the fine EL34 or KT88 tetrodes that we can obtain from current production.

Main specs:

– New phenomenally musical engine of digital conversion called Engine Eleven
– New OLED display, no more LCD
– Software driven signal routing, no more relays
– Total muting to keep switching noises down
– Plays every digital file known
– No drivers needed for any computer operating system
– Volume control models have one analog input for analog sources (active input with tubes and volume)

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LampizatOr is a Polish audio brand known for its high-end audio products, especially digital-to-analog converters (DACs), preamplifiers and other audio components. The company was founded in March 2010 by Lukasz Fikus, a passionate audio enthusiast. LampizatOr has earned a reputation for its unique approach to audio design with a focus on tube technology and hand craftsmanship.

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