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Sitting at the top of the table, the P3.0 is the Precision Series flagship. The P3.0 combines a dedicated Tactic 2.0 midrange drive unit with two Tactic 2.0 Bass drive units. By combining an upper bass drive unit with a low bass drive unit, the P3.0 boasts serious low frequency power and drive, but always with absolute control. With a dedicated midrange Tactic II drive unit and the Leonardo Tweeter, the P3.0 is able to articulate exquisite detail and recreate delicate emotional source material, making for an extremely involved and exciting listening experience.

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High Bass: 170mm(7″) Wilson Benesch Tactic 2.0
Tweeter: 25mm (1”) Wilson Benesch Leonardo Silk Dome Tweeter
Midrange: 170mm (7”) Wilson Benesch Tactic 2.0

High Bass: First-Order, Air Cored Inductor
Tweeter: Second-Order, 5kHz High Pass Filter
Midrange: Directly Amplifier Coupled within an Acoustically Optimised Enclosure, Port Tuned with 500Hz Roll-off
Low Bass: First-Order, with laminated high density iron cored inductors with high coil packing ratio. Ported underside of enclosure

Materials: Hybridised Construction of aluminium, birch ply, steel & high density compressed paper
Ties & Compression: U-Section High Torsion 13mm Steel Damping Rods in Vertical Axis
Cross Bracing: Tubular Cross Bracing & Damping in the Horizontal Axis
Baffle: Aluminium Baffle, Rear Enclosure, Top Plate & Bottom Plate – all tied using steel bar
Tweeter Enclosure: Sealed Enclosure

Type: 2.5-way
Impedance: 6 Ohms Nominal / 4 Ohms Minimal
Sensitivity: 89dB @ 1-Meter on axis, 2.83V Input
Frequency Response: 31Hz – 24kHz +/- 2dB

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Wilson Benesch

Wilson Benesch

Based on the idea of bringing something innovative to the existing state of the art in audio, the initially small and unassuming company began its formation and production in the UK market in 1989. The whole idea was driven by a business plan based on pure research, real engineering and materials science, which resulted in a grant application that was approved before the company name itself – Wilson Benesch – was even coined. The innovative idea was to bring to the world of high-end audio a carbon fibre material that at the time was the preserve of the aerospace industry or Formula 1. The result is products that are continually winning awards around the world.

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