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A.C.T. – ‘Advanced Composite Technology’ – a reference to the composite technologies upon which the Wilson Benesch brand was founded and subsequently has become synonymous with. The A.C.T. acronym was first used in 1991 for the company’s first loudspeaker, the A.C.T. One. The technology was subsequently used in the ‘A.C.T. Two’, the ‘A.C.T.’, the ‘A.C.T. C60’ and in the previous generation A.C.T. One Evolution. The new A.C.T. 3Zero, therefore, follows a long line of speakers, embodying the heritage of the Wilson Benesch brand and the classic A.C.T. design.

Similar physical proportions have been retained, however, the A.C.T. 3Zero marks a significant advance in the materials that are used to create the composite monocoque that forms the largest single component in any Fibonacci Series loudspeaker. The new biocomposite A.C.T. 3Zero Monocoque is made from naturally sourced, renewable and sustainable materials replacing almost all materials previously used that had been sourced from petrochemical sources. In terms of performance, the new monocoque is superior to its predecessor both in terms of damping and stiffness, leaving the new upgraded drive technologies free from cabinet colouration to deliver a new reference from the A.C.T. marquee.

The new A.C.T. 3Zero also marks the first time in history that an A.C.T. loudspeaker has been fitted with an Isobaric Drive System. The new A.C.T. 3Zero incorporates the IDS within the elegant, highly engineered three-part foot. Joining the Isobaric is a low-bass Tactic 3.0, the new Fibonacci Tweeter and a dedicated Tactic 3.0 midrange drive unit which is directly amplifier coupled. This reductive approach to crossover design eliminates phase anomalies and aberrations associated with complex crossovers, creating the shortest and purest signal pathway possible. This approach to design can be heard when you listen to a Wilson Benesch loudspeaker, the natural acoustic character, multi-layered detailed but natural timbre and the deep but integrated soundstage from the top to the bottom of the frequency band.

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Midrange: 170mm(7″) Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0
Tweeter: 25mm (1”) Wilson Benesch Fibonacci Hybrid Silk-Carbon Tweeter
Low Bass: 170mm(7″) Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0
Isobaric Drive System 1: 2x 170mm (7”) Wilson Benesch Tactic in Clamshell Formation

Midrange: Directly Amplifier Coupled
Tweeter: Second-Order, 5kHz High Pass Filter
Low Bass: First-Order
Isobaric Drive System 1: First-Order 500Hz Low Pass Filter

Materials: A.C.T. 3Zero – Advanced Biocomposite Monocoque Technology, Poly-Alloy, Hybridised Construction
Midrange: Reflex Port Tuned with Laminar Flow Guide
Tweeter: Labyrinth Sealed Tweeter Backplate
Low Bass: Infinite Baffle Sealed Enclosure
Isobaric Enclosure: Infinite Baffle Sealed Enclosure

– Standard finish: Textured Black
– Premium natural wood finishes
– Premium paint finishes
– P1 premium carbon finishes
– Isobaric drive system finishes
– PAINT MATCHING: The ultimate luxury finishing to match a paint sample of an automotive, watch or otherwise

Wilson Benesch

Wilson Benesch

Based on the idea of bringing something innovative to the existing state of the art in audio, the initially small and unassuming company began its formation and production in the UK market in 1989. The whole idea was driven by a business plan based on pure research, real engineering and materials science, which resulted in a grant application that was approved before the company name itself – Wilson Benesch – was even coined. The innovative idea was to bring to the world of high-end audio a carbon fibre material that at the time was the preserve of the aerospace industry or Formula 1. The result is products that are continually winning awards around the world.

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