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The most popular line of LampizatOr DACs just gotten better!

– Completely redesigned digital engine
– New analog section with improved tube output loosely based on Baltic3
– New power transformer and linear power supplies
– New True Copper output capacitors, same as in the Golden Gate 2
– New “JLS usb card” as standard now

More musical than ever, Free of any artifacts, very direct, liquid and fast sound with improved transparency and detail.

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Main specs:

– New OLED display, no more LCD (taken from the Pacific project)
– Software driven signal routing, no more relays
– Total muting to keep switching noises down
– Plays every digital file known
– No drivers needed for any computer operating system
– Volume control models have one analog input for analog sources (active input with tubes and volume)

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LampizatOr is a Polish audio brand known for its high-end audio products, especially digital-to-analog converters (DACs), preamplifiers and other audio components. The company was founded in March 2010 by Lukasz Fikus, a passionate audio enthusiast. LampizatOr has earned a reputation for its unique approach to audio design with a focus on tube technology and hand craftsmanship.

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