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DS-W3 Equalizer

Changed the thickness of the circuit board and the thickness of the copper foil.

Compared to the DS-W2 equalizer, the thickness of the circuit board has been changed from 1.6 mm to 2.0 mm, and the thickness of the copper foil has been changed from 35µ to 70µ. Components are also optimized for third-generation cartridges. In addition, the DS-W3 equalizer has four different low-frequency outputs to choose from. The DS-W3 equalizer has both unbalanced and balanced outputs, so you can choose the output that best matches your system.

Hand-made in Japan circuit board

Every component part used in DS Audio products is tested and evaluated by their expert Japanese technicians. In addition to using a specially printed circuit board, twist – connection of the component legs is further evidence of DS Audio’ s excellent attention to detail. Each and every product is hand-made and quality assured by DS Audio skilled engineers.

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Output voltage:

Output impedance:
RCA 120Ω XLR 600Ω

Pre amp input impedance:
More than 10kΩ

Input terminal:
RCA terminal

Output terminal:
RCA terminal×2, XLR terminal×2

Additional information

Weight13.5 kg
Dimensions435 × 450 × 120 mm

DS Audio

DS Audio

DS Audio has upgraded optical phono cartridges, completely changing the world of vinyl record music reproduction. DS Audio is a division of Digital Stream Corporation, which, together with Microsoft, developed the first optical mouse. Using their expertise in optics combined with modern technology, DS Audio engineers perfected the phono cartridge. DS Audio offers a complete line of optical turntable transmissions and matching turntable equalizers.

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