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Airtight is renewing MC Step-Up Transformer ATH-3 to a new model “ATH-3s”.

The new ATH-3s is equipped with Ground Lift Switches, which enable to select grounded and floated grounding individually for input and output.

Along with that, the housing and insulator are also changed to aluminum to improve the sound quality. They chose a ground lift switch that was particular about the feeling. It has been well received by ATE-3011.

They also incorporates a Hexagon Nut Binding Post MIL-P-55149 / 8 (MIL Standard), the same GND terminal they use for teir flagship Phonostage ATE-3011.

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Step-up ratio – 1:40 (32dB gain) at low impedance mode
Adaptable impedance of cartridges – 1Ω〜7Ω (Recommended)
* High Impedance model for 7Ω〜40Ω available (factory set)

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions207 × 144 × 80 mm
Air Tight

Air Tight

Air Tight is a Japanese company that has earned an excellent reputation in the world of high-end audio equipment. Founded in 1986 by Atsushi Miura, Air Tight has established itself as a leading manufacturer of tube amplifiers and phono preamplifiers with exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship.

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