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The evolution of the entire Divine line… A new generation of amplifiers based in the most special components with the latest technology available in 2023 and built to perform at the ULTIMATE level. After 4 years of development, Pilium managed to further improve their Neutral, Smooth, Uncoloured, Fast and Transparent sound even more, with an ULTRA powerful amplifier stable at 0,5 ohm! No matter what loudspeaker you have, this amplifier will drive uncompromisingly any load and as a true Pilium amplifier will stay in the shadow and promote your loudspeaker’s true nature and characteristics!

Key Features:

– 2 x 2.5KVA encapsulated ultra low noise transformers and isolated from the chassis
– 640.000uF capacitance custom made super capacitors
– 2 x 32 Ultra wide bandwidth powerful transistors
– Military specs pcbs
– Separate IEC for each channel with it’s own dedicated switch
– Microprocessor digitally controlled DC, Temperature, speaker protection
– Completely separated audio signal circuitry from the one that does not process audio signal

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– True dual-mono design
– Power: 2x400W @ 8Ω, 2x800W @ 4Ω, 2x1600W @ 2Ω (0.5 Ohm stable)
– Frequency Response (-3dB) : 0.1 Hz – 125 kHz
– Signal to Noise : 132.6 dB
– Distortion: THD + N: 0.00259% @ 1kHz, 50W
– Voltage gain: +31 dB (35)
– Analog Input: 1 xXLR (Vin= 1.4 VRms, Zin=5KO or 5200)
– Output impedance : <0.1 Ω - Power Consumption (Standby): 65W - Power Consumption (Maximum): 3200W - Signal Input: 1 pair XLR - Speaker Terminals: 1 pair / channel - Ground Input: 1 Binding post - Power Input: 2 IEC 16A

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PILIUM Audio is a young Greek company with an audiophile past founded in 2014. PILIUM Audio designs and manufactures home audio components of the highest quality to ensure an extraordinary level of musical fidelity designed for discerning listeners. Stunning resolution, exceptional transparency, organic vocals, extraordinary dynamics, these are the components of the PILIUM Audio sound. All PILIUM Audio audio components are designed unconventionally using the best technology available, regardless of price, and are built to last a very – very long time.

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