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Xs Phono

The Xs Phono preamplifier represents an all-out assault on the state-of-art in Vinyl and the most intensive and difficult design effort made at Pass Laboratories. The final product of this massive effort extracts the utmost performance from a simple topology and operates with the extremely small and delicate signals coming from today’s wide variety of phono cartridges. The result is music that emerges from a quieter background and blooms into a richer, more precise soundstage.

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Gain options: 56, 66, 76 dB
Inputs: 3
RIAA response: plus/minus .1 dB 20-20 KHz
Power consumption: 55 watts
Number of chassis: 2

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Weight36.6 kg
Dimensions355.6 × 4826 × 158.75 mm

Pass Labs

Pass Labs

Pass Labs is a high-end audio company based in Auburn, California, United States, founded by Nelson Pass in 1991. PASS Labs has been developing prototypes of Class-A amplifiers with single-ended circuitry. Among the company’s first products was the ALEF line of amplifiers with unique technology and design. PASS Audio developed SuperSymmetricTM technology, which is still used in its high-end products today. Pass Labs is dedicated to the design, processing and design of high-end amplifiers and preamplifiers.

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