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Ultra2 Diamond Power

The new Diamond Series 2 is not only a radical improvement compared to the original Diamond Series in terms of sound, but it also offers exceptional value for money. Superb performance, while being compact, attractive and affordable – that’s the essence of the new Diamond Series 2.

The quality of this cable series is only possible thanks to the huge investment in research and development that Crystal Cable’s undertaken over the years. The vast knowledge base gained during the creation of flagship Art Series has been harnessed to deliver stellar performance at entry-level series as well. Unique understanding of metallurgy, conductor design, shielding and insulation has resulted in a product range that Crystal Cable’s proud of. It’s one thing to make the best cost-no-object cables, it’s another to provide this much of their quality at a more modest price.

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Crystal Cable

Crystal Cable

Crystal Cable has been manufacturing top quality cables since 2004. The company has refined and expanded its range for home and portable use, but has also focused on the development of speakers and amplifiers, with great success. All Crystal Cable products are designed with one goal in mind: to provide an extreme listening experience that is as close as possible to attending a live concert. All Crystal Cable products are designed in-house and handcrafted to exacting standards by a highly skilled production team in Elste, the Netherlands. That’s why Crystal Cable products connect you to the music like no other.

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