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Stabi M

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This is a modern turntable designed in a classic turntable style with the emphasis on providing the best possible record playback.

The turntable’s size allows even 12 inch tonearms to be mounted and covered with its massive acrylic dust cover on spring hinges . The dust cover is constructed not to pick up any vibration from loud music.

The turntable is assembled from various solid parts of aluminium making the construction rigid and absorbing vibration. On the outer sides of the main structure are solid aluminium plates, which give the turntable mass and further increase structural rigidity and damping. The covered spikes within the legs allow horizontal levelling of the whole turntable.

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Platter mass: 12 Kg
Platter material : Aluminium& acrylic
Bearing type: Ruby ball-inverted with resin/textile material
Shaft diameter: 16 mm
Drive: Flat plastic belt
Chassis/Levelling: Aluminium/ Yes
Turntable levelling: Yes
Motors: 1 pc DC (three phase)
External power supply: Yes
Speeds: 33,45, 78 rpm
Armboard: Yes
VTA adjustment: No
No. of tonearms: 1
Max tonearm’s length: 12”
Suspended: Yes
Finishes: Black
Clamp: Yes
Mat: Yes
Lid: Yes
Accessories: Oil, Allen keys
Options : Various armboards, Optional front panel colour, brass, wood

Additional information

Weight60 kg
Dimensions500 × 600 × 280 mm



Kuzma was founded by Franc Kuzma in 1982, with the founding of the company stemming from his interest in music. His training as a mechanical engineer with experience in the development of acoustic transducers translated into the production of high quality turntables. Since its inception, the company has focused on the development and manufacture of high-end turntables and turntable hangers. In the development of these products, Kuzma has achieved extraordinary quality and recognition.

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