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PULSEC digital cables have been specifically tailored to the precise requirements of digital signal transmission in all its forms for audio use (S/PDIF, BNC, AES/EBU, USB). Employing reduced cross-section, palladium/silver alloy conductors to transmit micro-voltages with almost perfect precision and without affecting the precise timing that is essential for accurate digital signal transfer.

Air dielectrics for digital applications are ideal in eliminating conductor/insulation interactions and avoiding sonic deviations, since we are dealing with a delicate and fragile signal. Further protection is provided by multiple layers of shielding and mechanical damping, to further subdue interferences and distortions.

Proper spacing between conductor and shield achieves optimum propagation velocity for ultra-fast, precise data stream flow. Stridency, glare and harshness are replaced with smooth, defined clarity, thanks also to a total lack of cable-induced jitter.

This new upgraded design represents a new benchmark in digital interface technology and will perform at a level rarely attainable by other data links, even when used with the most revealing and accurate equipment.

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Product Specifications:

PULSEC DIGITAL CABLES: Cryo-treated, custom slow-extruded silver/palladium AeroStrand Ultra™ ribbon conductors. Coaxial configuration with silver braid return. Ultra-thin high performance PFA Teflon air-tubes. ASPIS™ shielding technology: full coverage plated copper and conductive carbonized Nylon braid layers.

Multi-layer construction with silica/ceramic/ferrite mechanical damping/shielding layer.


• Cryo-treated, proprietary HYPERION silver RCA or XLR connectors with carbon fiber housings and ceramic-infused polymer insulators

• FURUTECH silver/rhodium BNC connectors

• Custom USB plugs with gold contacts

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Stage III Concepts

Stage III Concepts

Stage III Concepts was founded by Luis de la Fuente, an experienced audiophile with a passion for making audio cables that deliver exceptional performance. He has been in the hi-fi scene since 1996 and specialises in the design and manufacture of premium audio cables. Their product range typically includes a full range of speaker cables, interconnect cables, power cables and digital audio cables. These cables are renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship and use of high quality materials.

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