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A modern audio preamplifier should act as an interface between the music sources and the power amplifier, ideally matching impedances and provide a volume control functionality.

Olympus is preamplifier in the Master Divine Series, quad-mono, true balanced design, ultimate channel separation (3 Chassis) and newly improved sophisticated volume control design that ensures – minimal signal path – (only one resistor!). All of the above, combined with the latest generation components, zero-loss design techniques, and cost-no-object parts/materials, classify Olympus to be a state of the art preamplifier! In compare with Divine Alexander, it is a step above with improvements in the design of our preamplifier’s analogue circuit, with NEW “ultimate” power supplies implemented externally in two different separated chassis (1/channel) and new transformers with special core, isolated from the chassis and encapsulated.

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Technical Specifications:

– Full balanced quad-mono with two separate PSUs
– Analog Inputs: 3 pairs XLR, 2 pairs RCA
– Analog Outputs: 2 pairs XLR (1 as standard and P-LINK)
– Voltage gain: +8db (2)
– Maximum input level: (+17dbu) 5,6Vrms XLR, (+11 dbu) 2,8Vrms RCA
– Input Impedance balanced (XLR): 60 KΩ
– Input Impedance single ended (RCA): 30 KΩ
– Output Impedance : < 10 Ω - Frequency Response: (-3dB) 0.1Hz – 500kHz - THD + N: 0.0172% @ 1kHz - Signal to Noise: 119db General Specifications: - Display: TFT 5′ 800×480 LED 16.7M - Power Consumption (Standby): 10.5W - Power Consumption (Operation): 17W

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PILIUM Audio is a young Greek company with an audiophile past founded in 2014. PILIUM Audio designs and manufactures home audio components of the highest quality to ensure an extraordinary level of musical fidelity designed for discerning listeners. Stunning resolution, exceptional transparency, organic vocals, extraordinary dynamics, these are the components of the PILIUM Audio sound. All PILIUM Audio audio components are designed unconventionally using the best technology available, regardless of price, and are built to last a very – very long time.

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