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The JS2 is equipped with new generation of AKM DAC chips ensuring its qualitative musical restitution.

As for JS1, analog stage is entirely balanced allowing a more efficient noise immunity. No doubt, this converter will seduce you by its musicality, precision and natural.

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Type: Digital to analog converter
Input type: SPDIF, AES/EBU, Optical ST, USB Type B
Bandwidth: PCM: 24 bits/192KHZ – DSD: 384 KHz
Number of blocks: 1
Tubes list: ECC82 x 4
Consumption: 22W

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JADIS is the result of André Calmettes’ deep interest in sound processing and reproduction. André has devoted his free time to achieving the most authentic musical reproduction possible, so that he can relive the emotions acquired during live concerts in his home environment. In 1983 he founded Jadis Electronics. JADIS is dedicated to designing and manufacturing preamplifiers, tube amplifiers, CD players and turntables of superior quality and design. Located in Villedubert, France, it is equipped with a Research and Development Laboratory that brings together three specialized departments with high-performance equipment and uses the latest technology.

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