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Isopiont S-6

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Even the smallest vibration can negatively influence the circuit of the electroacoustic components. The proper working of mechanical substances so the right handling or decreasing the vibrations can prevent the interference of the whole audio system. The ISOPOINT S-6 vibration damper handles effectively the unwanted oscillational energies of the whole electroacoustic system.

The fast resonance energy transfering and educting is ensured by the extraordinaly rigid ceramic balls which are kept in precisional aluminium holders.

With the ceramic ball isolators we can help some records to reproduce the acoustical environment. Thus the resolution and realism of the sound is rising. While the three-dimensional space scanning gets better, deep sounds are more precise, middle to high territories are clearing-out and gets more total. The ISOPOINT vibration dampers are adequately improve the whole voice-picture.

For saving the underbody framework of the audio components by vibration dampers the setting has key importance. Variyng the geometric settings is possible according to the distribution of the devices. Not just the dinamic and the three-dimensional effect of the sound is helped. The stylish formation of the aluminim structure gives elegant look to the rack. This makes them the perfect accessories of the audio components.

The ISOPOINT S-6 vibration dampers are innovative precisional supplementary tools which has the patented structure of Pillartech Audio.

As a result of the contiuously developments they created a multilayered isolational system which can handle and reduce the vibrations with high efficiency and positively influence the working of the electroacoustic system from the source device to, through the amplifiers right to the voice broadcasting devices.

Recommended using: CD-player, turntable, preamplifier and terminal amplifier, integrated amplifier, generator or standing loudspeaker.

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Width : 60 mm
Height : 42 mm
Height without self-lifting twist : 31 mm
Precisional ceramic ball : 3 pieces
Ceramic ball diameter : 9 mm
Weight : 230 g
Sustainability : 80 kg / piece

Additional information

Pillartech Audio

Pillartech Audio

Pillartech Audio™ is dedicated to the manufacture and design of high quality High-End audio stands, speaker stands, anti-vibration systems and vibration dampers. Pillartech Audio™ stands prevent vibration from transferring between the individual components of the HI-FI chain and the floor, have extremely rigid frame components and a variable stand design to allow further development of the HI-FI system. Pillartech Audio™ stands and isolation accessories effectively reduce vibration and positively affect the operation of the electroacoustic system from player to amplifier to loudspeakers.