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InVincible is the world’s first hyper-high-end sub-bass speaker.

Created to solve a specific problem: owners of the world’s finest flagship speakers often felt that adding a subwoofer to their system caused more drawbacks than improvements. By pushing the conventional boundaries of possibility, YG Acoustics incorporated proprietary, leading-edge technology to devise a no-holds-barred assault on everything deemed possible in the sub-bass realm.

InVincible introduces the largest-ever BilletCore driver. Machined, in-house, from a massive, 30 kg (66 lb) slab of aircraft-grade aluminum, this cone measures 53 cm (21”) in diameter and weighs just 411 grams (14.5 oz.).

A dedicated, built-in amplifier boasts up to 6,000 watts of RMS power for unrestricted dynamics. In a world filled with offshore-outsourced electronics, this amplifier stands out by incorporating a real high-end, custom, U.S.-made class D module.

InVincible is available in three fully modular configurations, which can beexpanded from smaller to larger, without the need to replace existing modules:

• InVincible 21.1 – an ultra-high-end single-driver subwoofer.

• InVincible 21.1i – a down-firing configuration of the above, to protect the driver in busy high-traffic households, or to allow for placement of a center-speaker on the flat top surface.

• InVincible 21.2 – the flagship; a large, ultra-high-end dual-driver subwoofer.

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Truly full output (-0 dB), even anechoically, to below 20 Hz
Usable output extends below 15 Hz

BilletCore ultra-high-rigidity subwoofer(s) with a diameter of 53 cm (21”)
InVincible 21.1 – single driver
InVincible 21.2 – dual drivers

Up to 6,000 watts RMS (requires a 230 Volt AC hookup, otherwise 3,000 watts)

Proprietary DualCoherent-inspired crossover with user-controllable frequency
Designed using software developed in-house
Pre-programmed for precise matching with YG Acoustics speakers
Extensive options for matching with third-party speakers

75x68x68 to 177x68x68 cm (30x27x27 to 70x27x27”) depending on configuration

111 to 210 kg (244 to 462 lbs) unpackaged, depending on configuration

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YG Acoustics

YG Acoustics

Founded in 2002, YG Acoustics is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end loudspeakers. YG Acoustics products combine cutting-edge technology with the use of innovative computer modelling methods. YG Acoustics manufactures its products using CNC machine tools, allowing it to produce its own transducers and most precision parts in-house – something not all manufacturers can manage in an age of outsourcing and mass production. One of her main goals is to try to recreate the emotional magic of live performance. YG Acoustics loudspeakers deliver a first-class listening experience that conveys the heart and soul of each recording, while preserving the subtle emotion of a live performance.

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