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Hyperion is a high power hybrid monoblock amplifier. It takes to the extreme the technologies developed over the years in Ypsilon amplifiers.

Hyperion combines high power output with no overall feedback and a simple and pure signal path of only two gain stages. It outputs more than 370 W 8 ohms and 1200 2 ohms.

The first gain stage uses a low impedance double triode coupled to the output stage with a wide bandwidth silver interstage transformer. The input is transformer coupled with a specially made silver interstage transformer that provides a perfectly balanced input.

Its unique ‘balanced-single-ended’ output stage biased in Class A for 100W@8ohms achieves an unmatched blend of effortless drive and dynamics with the refinement and transparency of a pure single-ended design.

Hyperion’s power supply is based on large size inductors for smooth filtering and multiple fast capacitors. The power supply transformer is build with high quality core material and winding techniques for ultra low mechanical, magnetic and electrical noise.

All internal wiring is with our own production silver wire with Teflon insulation.

Hyperion amplifiers offer a level of effortless drive and dynamics with transparency and refinement that will bring you closer to the musical performance.

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Output power 1KHz (115/230VAC):
– 370W rms @ 8 ohm
– 650W rms @4 ohm
– 1150W rms@ 2 ohm
THD 1khz, 6H30 Pi @ 100 W/8 ohm: 0,7%
THD 1khz, 6H30 Pi @ 300 W/8 ohm: 1,2%
THD 1khz, 5687 /6Η6p @ 100 W/8 ohm : 1,0%
THD 1khz, 5687 /6Η6p @ 300 W/8 ohm : 1,9%
Bandwidth: 6Hz -80Khz @-3db
Input transformer peak: +2,5db @ 50Khz
Output impedance: 0,3 ohm
Input impedance: 22 Kohm
Gain: X20 (26db)
Inputs: Balanced 1x XLR, 1x RCA
Power consumption: 400W @ idle

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Ypsilon Electronics

Ypsilon Electronics

Ypsilon Electronics is a Greek company that was founded in 1995 by Demetris Baklavas and Fanis Lagadinos, two passionate sound engineers with experience in electronic engineering and a career in setting up audio systems for live concerts. Working with live music, live concerts and especially a technical background in electronics led the two gentlemen to the idea of developing audio components that can reproduce music in a way faithful to the original recording.