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Hardpoint trinia

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Newton’s laws of motion (The third law):
Due to the principle of action & reaction, double rolling disc responds to vibrations promptly by reacting to micro vibration.

– Damped Oscillation:
As a smart device that actively dissipates vibrations, it responds to vibrations in accordance with Damped oscillation.

– Spherical Pendulum Movement:
A double rolling disc composed of ceramic ball layers on the top and bottom reacts with spherical pendulum motion according to the optimum designed radius of curvature.

– Height adjustable:
There are laser-engraved scales around the bottom ring and 0.5mm pitch on each wheel. By turning the ring, you can adjust the height and level by 0.05mm increments for each scale.

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CD Transport & DAC
Music server
Network device

Height: 40 – 40,3 mm
Weight: 60Φ

30kg / pc(per unit)

Top: Black/Red
Mid: Black
Bottom: Brown

Supplied in high-quality wooden box

4 layers placement of rolling disk

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HIFISTAY™ specializes in the development and manufacture of HI-FI audio accessories, offering solutions that minimize vibration, enhancing the quality of reproduction so you can enjoy an excellent music listening experience. The quality of reproduction is not only affected by the reproduction chain itself, but also by the quality of the power supply and the need to suppress unwanted vibrations. HIFISTAY™’s main products include a series of racks for housing HI – FI components, using the company’s leading-edge technologies such as VHC™ (Vertical Horizon Vibration Control Technology), X-Frame & Perfect Pointer™ and Anti-gravity™, as well as base pads and equipment stands.

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