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Gravity Base

In alignment of the multilayered GRAVITY rack’s base level they use the same technology The horizontal framework is equipped with vibration damper spikes and retaining bolts.

By using the absorber material that is fixed into the perunal girdle at the underside of the shelves makes the vibration damper reduce the oscillations. Using them together can efficiently reduce the negative influence of the oscillation energy that comes from the air or from the flooring. Thus the worked out profile maximalize all the isolation abilities.

The spikes and tapers restrict the return of the vibrations and working on minimizing the surface so (theoretically) it works as a mechanic diode.

In any cases at the meeting point of the vertical and horizontal framework elements plus absorber material is intended which can efficiently reduce the flow of the mechanic energy.

The surface of the aluminium elements are thread-grinded and handled with silk-polishing. Depending on the quantity of the pillar modules the shelves height can be positioned by 1 cm, 5 cm, or 10 cm.

The rack’s shelf and framework elements are made of 40 mm thick aluminium that has high rigidity and conatining high quantity of binder material in the MDF layer. The solid aluminium elements are made at the lowest possible tolerance border in the CNC machine.

In case of wood or hard flooring, using the protection disc for the spike system of the rack is also recommended. With the help of the supplementary double retaining bolt it is easy to level horizontally the framework.

In the interest of modular setting, the spike mechanism of the further shelves can be connected at the center part of the inox girdle, thus it can be further developed as GRAVITY or GRAVITY PRO rack.

In the interest of active eduction most of the time they use spikes between the flooring and the rack but according to unique need modularly insertable the ISOPOINT S-8 ceramic ball isolator.

The audio rack is later reconfigurable and it is expandable by ordering the additional elements of the module system and the horizontal framework system.

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Framework (w x h x d) : 63 x 50 x 4 cm
Shelf (w x h x d) : 52 x 45 x 4 cm
Module connection element : M10 inox
Spike : M10 perunal
Fixing amp screw : perunal
Floor protecting disc : perunal
Surface treatment: black, white, boreaux red or RAL colour scale
Metal surface treatment: thread grinded silkshine
Height: 17,5 cm Modularly expandable!
Sustainability: 100 kg

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Pillartech Audio

Pillartech Audio

Pillartech Audio™ is dedicated to the manufacture and design of high quality High-End audio stands, speaker stands, anti-vibration systems and vibration dampers. Pillartech Audio™ stands prevent vibration from transferring between the individual components of the HI-FI chain and the floor, have extremely rigid frame components and a variable stand design to allow further development of the HI-FI system. Pillartech Audio™ stands and isolation accessories effectively reduce vibration and positively affect the operation of the electroacoustic system from player to amplifier to loudspeakers.