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DS-E1 Cartridge

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The DS-E1 is the latest product from Japanese engineers. It is a basic model that offers all the benefits of more expensive and older sisters and, together with the “preamplifier”, is the perfect complement to any analog system. Despite using “only” an elliptical needle cut and compacting the equalizer dimensions, we get a sound with a large dynamic scale, perfectly arranged and saturated.
The preamplifier is equipped with RCA connectors on the back. All components are assembled manually and each kit is inspected and retested before leaving the factory.

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DS-E1 Optical Cartridge
Signal output Photo-electric Conversion
Channel separation 24db more(1KHz)
Weight 8.1g
Output signal level 50mV more
Canti-lever Alminum
Body material Alminum
Needle pressure 1.6g~1.8g(1.7g is recommended)
Stylus Elliptical Needle

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DS Audio

DS Audio

DS Audio has upgraded optical phono cartridges, completely changing the world of vinyl record music reproduction. DS Audio is a division of Digital Stream Corporation, which, together with Microsoft, developed the first optical mouse. Using their expertise in optics combined with modern technology, DS Audio engineers perfected the phono cartridge. DS Audio offers a complete line of optical turntable transmissions and matching turntable equalizers.

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