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The Concentro is a true benchmark loudspeaker designed to commemorate 90 years of ELAC history and in response to calls for a loudspeaker that rivals — and surpasses — the most ambitious designs in the audiophile landscape today.

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Tweeter: JET 5, modified
Midrange: 70/140 [mm]AS-XR Ring radiator
Midbass: 220 [mm] AS-XR Cone
Bass reflex tubes: 2 off 120×350 [mm] Cone
Woofer: 4 off 250 AS [mm]
Bass Loading: Vented Box
Crossover Frequencies: 120 / 360 / 2700 [Hz]
Frequency range ( IEC 268-5): 18 – 50 000 [Hz]
Sensitivity: 90 [dB/2.83V/m]
Recommended amplifier power: 80 – 600 [W/Channel]
Suitable for amplifier rated between: 4-8 Ω
Rated power (Continuous): 400 [W]
Rated power (Dynamic): 600 [W]
Rated impedance: 4 Ω
Binding posts: 5-way custom; bi-wirable
Magnetic shielding: No

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September 1, 1926 in Kiel, Germany, with the founding of Electroacustic GmbH, a company focused on the development of sonar technology and research into signal sound channels in air and water. ELAC’s passion for music and fascination with sound led to the launch of the first consumer audio product, the PW1 turntable, in 1948.

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