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Carbide Base Diamond

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Vibrations induced from loudspeakers can turn the surfaces of a room into unwanted delayed sound radiating sources. Vibrations can also induce noise in the output of sensitive electronics such as turntables.

The patent pending design of Carbide Base audio isolation feet control and isolate these vibrations in all six degrees of freedom when placed under your audio electronics and loudspeakers.

Carbide Base Inserts for upgrading the standard Carbide Base footer to Carbide Base Diamond or Carbide Base Sapphire. Sold Individually.

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Carbide Audio

Carbide Audio

In the Texas hills west of Austin is the town of Llano, which is the seat of the still young, but extremely tenacious and talented Carbide Audio company. After almost two years of research and development, this American brand launched its first product called Carbide Base in 2021.

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