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Absolute Rack (3 Levels)

Manufactured entirely from Krion, Panzerholz wood, elastomer adhesive, Japanese thermoplastic screws, and Titanium elements, with adjustable feet. KRION™ is a new generation solid surface developed by PORCELANOSA Group. The composite material is similar to natural stone but has absolutely no resonance, feels warm to the touch, is highly resistant, and easy to repair. Panzerholz® is a hardened layered panel material made of a combination of phenolic resin and hardwood with a hardened structure. The synergy between Panzerholz wood and the Krion solid surface is absolutely magic.

The arms are made from Krion, Panzerholz, and elastomer in a constrained layer. The arms hold adjustable Panzerholz discs that can easily be located in different positions, providing flexibility in different positions.

The discs support each of the electronic components directly and without any need for shelves. The Panzerholz isolation discs are fixed to the linear arms with Japanese Peek thermoplastic screws. The discs allow easy installation and adjustment by means of only loosening one screw to change the position.

Panzerholz discs are supplied for use under the feet which don’t damage wood floors or other soft surfaces.

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Additional information

Artesania Audio

Artesania Audio

Artesania Audio was founded 20 years ago by José Luis Lafarga in Barbastra, Spain. The company’s main goal is to improve sound reproduction thanks to the racks in which the equipment is housed. Artesania Audio™, removes vibration resonances using “Acoustic Anti-Resonant Treatment” technology, aimed at neutral reproduction. The reproduction results using AART surpass all expectations thanks to the new information that appears in the sound recording. The goal of Artesania Audio™ is to improve sound reproduction. A never ending process for those who settle for perfection only. The stand makes the difference, discover it.

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