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Vantage Live™

The Vantage Live is a complete system delivering world-class audio quality hand-in-hand with ultimate convenience.

The sound from the Vantage Live exceeds any expectation from an integrated system and rivals the very best achievable with multi-component, traditional hi-fi systems.

Two compact, three way loudspeakers combine with an elegant controller in a form factor which can blend harmoniously with any size of room and all design aesthetics. Together, they deliver concert-scale sound with phenomenal detail and engagement.

The Vantage Live is tuned to deliver superb accuracy and musical involvement in any setting — across a huge range of room sizes and placement options, from the lowest listening levels to concert volumes.

Beautiful imaging and realism are maintained over a wide sweet spot, providing enjoyment for everyone in the room.

Vantage Live is the culmination of many years of research and development between YG, Cambridge Acoustic Sciences, and Bel Canto.

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Usable output extends from 25 Hz to above 30 kHz
±2° relative phase throughout entire overlap
Exceptional pair-matching

BilletCore ultra-high-rigidity woofer and mid-woofer
ForgeCore ultra-low-distortion tweeter
Woofer: 22 cm (8.75″)
Mid-woofer: 18.5 cm (7.25″)

Advanced DSP crossover optimized using supercomputer and cloud computing resources, then tuned across thousands of hours of critical listening. Exceptional phase, amplitude and impulse accuracy response at all volume levels.

Dedicated 700W amplifier per drive unit
0.001% THD+N 20Hz to 20kHz at half peak power
135dB SNR unweighted ref. peak power
137dB SNR A-weighted ref. peak power
93% efficiency at peak power
1.5mΩ output impedance

Advanced high resolution DSP crossover optimized using supercomputer and cloud computing resources and tuned across thousands of hours of critical listening

Digital Inputs:
AES, SPDIF, TOSLINK: 24bit up to 192KS/s
Ethernet: 24bits to 192KS/s and DSD64
USB2 Audio: 24bits to 384KS/s and DSD64/128 (DoP)

Analogue Inputs:
2 × Line inputs RCA
Maximum input: 2.2 Vrms
Input Impedance: 10kΩ
THD+N: 0.003%, 1KHz
Dynamic Range: 110dB, A-weighted 20Hz-20KHz

Phono Input:
Sensitivity: MM: 2.5mV to 5mV; MC: 0.25mV to 0.5mV
Input load: MM: 47kΩ; MC: 50Ω, 100Ω, 500Ω, 1kΩ
RIAA Accuracy: +/-0.25dB, 50Hz – 15kHz
THD+N: <0.01% 1kHz A-weighted SNR: >70dB A-weighted

Controller dimensions: 94 × 400 x 316 mm (3.7 × 15.7 x 12.4″) H×W×D (including feet)
Controller weight: 8.7kg (19.2lbs)
Speaker dimensions: 112 × 32 × 54 cm (44 × 13 × 21”) H×W×D
Speaker weight: 80 kg (176 lbs) per channel unpackaged

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