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SPRINT proudly inherits the same technology that powers ATALANTE line, with a twist that makes it uniquely SPRINT. It features a 28mm RASC soft-dome tweeter and built-in ARID (Anti-Reflection Inner Dome) patented technology. With its specialised back-chamber design, this stylish speaker design is capable of absorbing over 95% of unwanted resonance within any space to elevate your listening experience, whether you’re reminiscing over your vintage vinyls or playing your favourite new playlists of the 21st century.

SPRINT also features the high-end BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) 7” woofer, perfectly balancing out rigidity and lightweight design. With superior damping construction, SPRINT promises a rapid yet smooth response with impressively tight bass dynamics.

The ELYTRON front baffle is an original Revival Audio creation; a stylish speaker design developed through hundreds of hours of painstaking simulation. Such listening precision has never been seen before at its level, and won’t be seen again soon from any other manufacturer, unless they copy SPRINT. But that’s ok, because that’s goal of Revival Audio - to create new trends and technology in the speaker industry, with sound precision that must be heard to be believed.

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- 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker

- 1 1/8” (28mm) soft-dome tweeter equipped with Revival Audio ARID (Anti Reflection Inner Dome) patented technology with a large back chamber with the low resonance frequency of 650Hz
- 7” (18cm) BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) woofer

Frequency Response (+/-3db):
- 55Hz – 22kHz (-3dB)

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m):
- 87dB/2.83V/ 1 metre

Nominal Impedance:
- 6 ohms

Minimum Impedance:
- 4.5 ohms at 175Hz

Crossover Frequency:
- 1.8kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power:
- Power handling: 150 watts, starting from 30 watts.

Recommended Room Size:
- 15 to 35 m2

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