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Siltech Symphony

The product of many years of intensive design and engineering work, Siltech’s Symphony delivers a sound as close to the original recording as can be. A massive investment in research and development was made to deliver a cost-no-object reference loudspeaker of superlative ability.

Mr. van der Kley Rynveld’s dream has always been to accurately reproduce the live sound of a full orchestra, jazz band, rock group – or indeed any other musical event – at realistic listening levels. A lifelong student of the acoustic behaviour of musical instruments and the human voice, he has been fascinated by the challenge of reproducing them through amplifiers and loudspeakers.

In the Symphony system, his musical and engineering background culminate, creating balance and formal discipline, using new techniques to achieve dynamic coherence in musical performance, technical perfection and robust, impressive design.

The result is Symphony – a revolutionary new loudspeaker, transforming the magic of live performance like never done by an audio system before.

The Symphony achieves the most natural results by a combination of highly advanced drive units, a novel three-way split cabinet and passive-active operation. This approach allowed our engineers to meet the criteria of a great high-end loudspeaker – wide bandwidth, ultra-low distortion, and the ability to deliver remarkably high sound levels and even more important: sounding live at the lowest listening levels too.

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Frequency response: 17Hz-100kHz (-3dB)
Minimum input power: >20W RMS per channel
Maximum SPL: 115dB before clipping
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.25%, 20Hz-20kHz Size: 700x800x1,900mm (WxDxH, without base) Weight: 244kg (180, 43, 21kg for bass, mid, top) Country of origin: Netherlands, EU

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