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Signature SAGA

Throughout Siltech’s near four decade long life, their focus has been to make products that take you closer to your favourite recordings, unlocking them before your very ears. Of course, much of their work has been on cables – as these can have a highly deleterious effect on a system’s sound. But they’ve also undertaken two very special projects, the Symphony loudspeaker and the SAGA amplifier seen here.

Siltech’s Structural Amplifier Gain Architecture is a radically different design approach to amplifying sound; the object being to lose as little as possible of the original signal, whilst adding nothing. In order to do this, their engineers studied the ways that amplifiers can damage the precious musical signals they’re asked to apply gain to. They then deployed their unique approach, honed from developing some of the world’s finest cables, to the task of designing the finest amplifier system on sale today.

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Total SAGA system (C1, V1 and P1)
Total bandwidth: >100kHz, volume control any position
THD: <0,01%, 2nd harmonic only, 1Hz - 100kHz/1W Dynamic range: 128 dB Damping factor: 100@10Hz-20kHz (8 ohm) Power output: 380W rms in 8 ohm 760W rms in 4 ohm 1250W rms in 2 Ohm Minimal load: 2 ohm

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