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SET 100 Ultimate

SET 100 Ultimate is a 120W single-ended class A hybrid amplifier.

It has the magic midrange of a small S.E.T amplifier with the scale, authority, macro and micro detail that no amplifier has ever achieved until now. It uses a specially designed s-e mosfet output stage direct coupled at the output using as the dc current path a double c-core amorphous choke.

SET 100 has power and drive with transparency, musical involvement and above all with music sounding naturally.

With only 2 gain stages in the signal path, the level of immediacy, transparency is unequaled by designs using more than 2 gain stages. Having no overall feedback, the distortion is kept comparably low while the output impedance is sufficient enough to drive real world loudspeakers.

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Output power before clipping:
- 120w rms @ 8 ohm
- 130w rms @ 5,6 ohm
- 100w rms @4 ohm
Bandwidth: 5hz -80khz -3db
Output impedance: 0,22 ohm
Input impedance: 47 Kohm
Gain: X30 (29,5 db)
Power consumption: 400w constantly

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Dimensions 672 × 240 × 610 mm
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