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Royal Triple Crown Power

As many would expect, Siltech’s flagship power cable is an engineering tour de force. It combines their top pure monocrystal silver conductors in as thick a profile as they can manufacture them. This cable also features a special multicell dielectric and shielding package, as well as the finest connectors that can buy.

The Triple Crown power cable was designed using advanced Multiphysics software (COMSOL), measuring equipment by FW Bell (3D Gauss), and Audio Precision (THD). All of these, reduce the distortion-causing magnetic leakage. The cable is balanced for optimum results with both switching and non-switching amplifiers. It minimizes the effects of radiofrequency, electromagnetic, and mechanical interference.

Siltech power cable in this range gives the cleanest possible feed into your hi-fi equipment. Also, the external interference is minimal. Sure enough, the result is spectacularly natural. The impeccable sound has to be heard to be believed.

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Metallurgy: Pure monocrystal silver
Construction: Siltech special multicell
Insulators: Kapton, Teflon & Wide-range shielding
Cores: 6
Other connectors are available.

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