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Royal Single Crown IC

Siltech’s S10 monocrystal silver gives Royal Single Crown Interconnect an outstanding musical performance through its lower resistance and distortion. The improved production process of the latest generation of monocrystal silver results in further enhanced and more constant conductivity.

The 6-core Hexagon construction in Royal Single Crown interconnect cables ensures the most efficient and symmetric wire distribution, which reduces inductance, while the wide-range shielding offers vanishingly low capacitance and protects the signal from outside interference. Even the grounding of Royal Crown’s interconnect cables is done with a pure monocrystal silver ground wire.

Available with XLR and RCA connectors:

XLR – Oyaide Focus
RCA – Siltech-made SST Black with S10 monocrystal silver pin

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Metallurgy: Pure S10 Monocrystal Silver
Construction: Hexagon
Insulators: Kapton, Teflon, Air Insulation Structure & Wide-Range Shielding
Cores: 6

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