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Rack Series

Originally created as a tool for internal use, the Rack Series was designed out of necessity – the factory’s listening room required a vibration-free, solid platform to allow equipment to play under optimal conditions. In a challenging environment, full of hostile vibration, other equipment racks couldn’t deliver the desired result.

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Available configurations:
Rack 1.3 – 3 shelves
Rack 1.4 – 4 shelves
Rack 1.6 – 6 shelves (3 high, 2 wide)
Other configurations available upon request

Shelf space:
Internal width – 60 cm (23.6″)
Internal depth – open construction, limited mainly by desired outer dimensions
Internal height – adjustable in 2.5 cm (1″) increments

Uniform load limit:
Bottom shelf – up to 97 kg (214 lbs)
Top/middle shelf – up to 61 kg (135 lbs)

Outer dimensions:
Rack 1.3 – 59x65x54 cm (23x26x22″) HxWxD
Rack 1.4 – 87x65x54 cm (35x26x22″) HxWxD
Rack 1.6 – 59x127x54 cm (23x50x22″) HxWxD

Net weight:
Rack 1.3 – 51 kg (112 lbs)
Rack 1.4 – 69 kg (152 lbs)
Rack 1.6 – 97 kg (213 lbs)

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