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ORION Silver Speaker Cable

The electrical connection between the amplifier and the speakers system deserves peculiar cables whose main features are: Optimization of the signal path, protection of the amplifier from resonant oscillation due to cable spurious capacitance when it overcomes the value of 500 pF.

Available in a special version with a conductor made from a fusion alloy between silver and copper. The Vyda Orion HFC line is the name of this version.

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100% insulation of both hot and cold poles obtained with three layers of shielding;
- signal to noise ratio of 0.2 mV@-65dB;
- interaction ratio between poles: -80 dB;
- interaction ratio poles/shield: -75 dB @2V;
- propagation celerity at the refractometer: 85%;
very low capacitance and inductance (0.01Mhom/m – 50 pF/m);
- dielectric insulation with pure cotton fibres (low spurious capacitance index 1.2);
- solid core silver and copper conductors (99.999%) cryogenically treated with liquid nitrogen (15 minutes contact time)

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