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The Omnium is a celebration of the “modular design” that Wilson Benesch added to its design philosophy when it released the ground-breaking Odyssey Range in 2001. With each new design, the modular design approach builds upon the lessons of its predecessor. Like the Porsche 911, the Omnium is then not a singular design, but rather the latest evolution of a living lineage – more than 30-years of incremental improvement in the pursuit of genuine world-class audio reproduction. It is this heritage that can be seen to have honed every single detail of the new Omnium loudspeaker.

Omnium – from the Latin “of all”

The name Omnium was chosen in recognition of this landmark, the name means of all, and it is a reference to the heritage of three decades of research and development that has come before it. Whilst the Omnium references all that has come before it, it is also a product that marks the dawn of the next generation of materials technologies developed through a collaborative research and development project – SSUCHY.

The stepped features seen in the Omnium’s foot are a reference to its larger sibling the Eminence. Hewn in house by Wilson Benesch from a single billet of aluminium to reduce an 80kg solid billet of aluminium by more than half, to create a single 38kg Omnium loudspeaker foot. This formidable component governs over the energy above by way of the 14mm tie bolts that generate a metric ton of compressive pressure through the Omnium enclosure. This is the foundation, ground zero and arbiter of performance.

Omnium stands boldly as the industry-leading design in this market sector from the pioneers and leaders in composite loudspeaker design.

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Upper Bass 1: 170mm(7") Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0
Upper Bass 2: 170mm(7") Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0
Tweeter: 25mm (1”) Wilson Benesch Fibonacci Hybrid Silk-Carbon Tweeter
Midrange: 170mm(7") Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0
Low Bass 1: 170mm(7") Wilson Benesch Tactic 3.0
Isobaric Drive System 1: 2x 170mm (7”) Wilson Benesch Tactic in Clamshell Formation
Isobaric Drive System 2: 2x 170mm (7”) Wilson Benesch Tactic in Clamshell Formation

Upper Bass 1: First-Order
Upper Bass 2: First-Order
Tweeter: Second-Order, 5kHz High Pass Filter
Midrange: Directly Amplifier Coupled
Low Bass 1: First-Order
Isobaric Drive System 1: First-Order 500Hz Low Pass Filter
Isobaric Drive System 2: First-Order 500Hz Low Pass Filter

Materials: A.C.T. 3Zero - Advanced Biocomposite Monocoque Technology, Poly-Alloy, Hybridised Construction
Upper Bass Enclosure: Infinite Baffle Sealed Enclosure
Tweeter: Labyrinth Sealed Tweeter Backplate
Midrange: Infinite Baffle Sealed Enclosure
Low Bass 1: Infinite Baffle Sealed Enclosure
Isobaric Enclosure: Infinite Baffle Sealed Enclosure

Type: 2.5-way
Impedance: 4.5 Ohms
Sensitivity: 89dB @ 1-Meter on axis, 2.83V Input
Frequency Response: 27Hz - 30kHz +/- 2dB

- Standard finish: Textured Black
- Premium natural wood finishes
- Premium paint finishes
- P1 premium carbon finishes
- Isobaric drive system finishes
- PAINT MATCHING: The ultimate luxury finishing to match a paint sample of an automotive, watch or otherwise

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