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The unique design of the transit locking mechanism of the bearing assembly not only provides a safe transportation method, but also avoids damage if the tonearm is accidentally lifted off its bearing. The counterweight is decoupled and designed to mount off-centre, allowing easy Azimuth correction. The inclusion of VTA adjustment provides optimum alignment for almost any cartridge.

The combination of polished acrylic headshell, silver anodised aluminium tubing and mirror chromed counterweight enhances NIMA's looks and conveys the true lightness and neutrality of this very special arm.

Key Features

- Unipivot design for optimum detail retrieval.
- Ten individual machined parts.
- Aluminium alloy and stainless steel construction.
- Transit locking mechanism.
- Decoupled high quality counterweight.
- Anti-skate mechanism.

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Arm Tube:

Effective Length:
240 mm

17.5 mm

Distance from Record Centre:
222.5 mm

Effective Mass:
15.3 g

Arm Board Thickness:
7 - 20 mm (max.)

Recommended Cartridge Weight:
5 - 12 g

Recommended Tracking Weight:
1.5 - 3.5 g

Internal Wiring:
Silver-plated OFC

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