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Gravity Pro Audio Rack

The pillartech Audio GRAVITY PRO HiFi rack is a conceptional audio device holder system that can totally isolate HiFi and High-End devices from each other and from the vibrations that are originated from the flooring.

The shape designing’s own feature the extremely rigid framework and inside of the system the spike isolated rack levels that are educted from each other. Thanks to the three times eduction (spike+taper+absorber) all the system elements of the rack can reduce fully the own vibrations of the audio components. This is how it minimizes the interference between the shelves.

Fundamental conception is to be able to build it up modularly. It includes the opportunity for modificate the shelf-to-shelf distance. The rack adapts easily to the changings of the system configuration. By enlarging the distance between the shelves the electromagnetic interactions of the used audio components are minimizable.

The system was developted with paying high attention on details. It led to a system that is free from the annoying resonances. Considering the quality of the used materials and the compromise free production technologies we recommend the GRAVITY rack for HiFi and High-End usage.

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Framework (w x h x d) : 63 x 50 x 4 cm
Shelf (w x h x d) : 52 x 45 x 4 cm
Inter frame base distance: 17,5 cm Modularly expandable!
Perunal tick module A : 1 cm
Perunal tick module B : 5 cm
Perunal tick module C : 10 cm
Module connection element : M10 inox
Vibration damper spike per shelf : perunal
Fixing amp screw : perunal
Floor protecting disc : perunal
Surface treatment: black, white, boreaux red or RAL colour scale
Metal surface treatment: thread grinded silkshine
Sustainability for each shelf: 100 kg

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