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DS-W2 Equalizer

World beating optical cartridge technology. The DS-W2 is the successor to DS-W1 optical cartridge design, which was awarded the title of world's best phono cartridge by two major audio magazines in Germany: Stereo and Audio. This praise helped to establish the popularity of unique technology, setting a high standard and paving the way for further development. The extensive advancements and refinements of the DS-W2 design have resulted in performance that is far in excess of the already impressive DS-W1.
Boron Cantilever with Micro-ridge stylus. The DS-W2 is equipped with a boroncantilever and Micro-Ridge stylus representing a further upgrade from the Shibata stylus used on its predecessor DS-W1. This combination precisely traces the record groove and yields the utmost quality of sonic reproduction. A hand-crafted, “Natural Rose quartz” LED indicator adds an eye-catching detail to this unique piece of audio technology
Upgraded equalizer featuring a sophisticated power supply. The DS-W2 equalizer houses 12 large capacitors, each with 56000μF capacity; more than those normally found in a phono pre-amplifier. In use, the benefits of this design choice are obvious, with fantastic musical control and an effortless presentation. A 1.5mm thick pure copper plate bus-bar is employed to connect these capacitors, ensuring maximum power transfer. This also functions as a shielding plate for the transformer, revealing more low-level musical detail. All of the improvements of the DS-W2 equalizer have created a component three times larger than the predecessor DS-W1, and sonic performance is of an even greater magnitude. The result is ultimate enjoyment from your record collection. Expect to hear more from DS Audio.
Fully balanced XLR output. Offering a choice of outputs and low frequency response options, the DS-W2 preamp/equalizer features two sets of RCA and XLR outputs and two separate low frequency cut-off points.
Hand-made in Japan circuit board. Every component part used in products is tested and evaluated by expert Japanese technicians. In addition to using a specially printed circuit board, twist-connection of the component legs is further evidence of DS Audio’ s excellent attention to detail. Each and every product is hand-made and quality assured by our skilled engineers.

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DS-W2 Equalizer for Optical Cartridge
Output voltage 500mV(1kHz)
Output impedance RCA 120Ω XLR 600Ω
Pre amp input impedance More than 10kΩ
Input terminal RCA terminal
Output terminal RCA terminal×2,
XLR terminal×2
Size W43cm×H10.7cm×D38.4cm
Weight 12.0kg

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 384 × 430 × 107 mm

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