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In 2022, Burmester launched the B28 loudspeaker model as a supplement to the B-Series. The look of the B-Series is characterized by clean lines, which are reflected in both the cabinet shape and the fronts. In addition, it has been designed in close coordination with the acoustics to provide a particularly slim, elegant front section with maximum acoustic performance. The unusually narrow Air Motion Transformer fits perfectly into this silhouette, helping the B28 loudspeaker achieve the highest precision and high-frequency audibility. The musical experience becomes tangible and allows the listener to be deeply immersed in the musical action. Combined with the level stability in the low bass, the B28 speaker fascinates at the same time with jumping dynamics and a remarkable ease of reproduction.

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Principle: 3 ways bass reflex
Rated power DIN EN 60268-5: 180 W
Sensitivity at 2.83V/1m: 87 dB
Nominal impedance :4 Ω
Frequency response +/- 3dB: 39 Hz to 31 kHz
Tweeter: Air Motion Transformer
Midrange transducer: 17 cm with glass fiber; Diaphragm
Woofer transducer: 2 x 17 cm with glass fiber diaphragm
Crossover frequencies 150 Hz / 2400 Hz

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Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 464 × 223 × 1144 mm

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