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As part of the expansion of the Burmester B-Series loudspeaker portfolio, the B18 was aligned with the appearance of the B28 and B38 in 2022 and now also features a sleek, unobtrusive screwless front, allowing the loudspeaker to be integrated even more easily into any domestic interior. In addition, the variants in terms of cabinet finishes and anodized colors of the front baffle have also been standardized across the entire B series.


— Exclusive Burmester ring radiator for optimal transparency and resolution
— Further developed low-mid and midrange woofer
— A rear switch for bass adjustment in combination with the included bass reflex the supplied bass reflex plugs for several possibilities of room adaptation
— The massive torsionally stiff 48mm MDF front in combination with the optimized by FEM analysis for accurate and precise bass response and Bass response and reduces the reverberation of the cabinet significantly
— 2 ½ way bass reflex principle with separate closed enclosure for the mid-bass and separate bass reflex enclosure for the bass-midrange driver
— Solid loudspeaker base made of matched, vibration damping and stiffening materials to minimize vibration transmission
— Highly complex crossover in its own enclosure chamber

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Principle: 2.5 way bass reflex
Rated power DIN EN 60268-5: 120 W
Sensitivity at 2.83v/1m: 88 dB
Nominal impedance: 4 Ω
Frequency response +/- 3dB: 39 Hz to 30.000 Hz
Tweeter: ring radiator
Mid-woofer: 17 cm with glass fiber diaphragm
Low-midrange: 2 x 17 cm with glass fiber diaphragm
Crossover frequencies: 400 Hz / 2300 Hz

Additional information

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 401 × 206 × 1050 mm

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