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The Roksan Shiraz is a high-end cartridge that is capable of outstanding musical involvement and detail from its Gyger II stylus.

The Swiss made Gyger II has a super fine line profile, offering excellent tracking ability, stunning detail retrieval and low surface noise. The body is made from a solid aluminium alloy and fitted with a robust, broadcast-standard generator uniquely fixed to the body with three spikes, giving it precise alignment and coupling without using distortion-inducing adhesives.

Excessive cantilever movements at certain frequencies are damped by the capacitors mounted directly to the generator over the coil, where they accurately preserve the minute signal. Sonically, the frequency extremes are well integrated with a clear precise midrange; deep, agile bass and open and extended treble.

Key Features

– High-end moving coil cartridge.
– Solid aluminium alloy body.
– Capacitor-dampened, broadcast standard generator.
– Renowned Gyger II diamond stylus profile.
– Complex cartridge manufacturing process achieving the most natural and detailed performance possible.

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Moving coil

0.21 mV/cm/sec (RMS) 1.05 mV @ 5cm/sec recorded celocity

Recorded celocity super fineline Gyger II

Aluminium tube

Tracking Weight:
2.2 – 2.5 g (2.4 g Recommended)

Cartridge Body:
Solid aluminium alloy

Generator Fixing:
Unique 3 point rigid fixing

Cartridge Fixing:
Standard 0.5 inch centres (12.7 mm)

Recommended Load:
30 – 100 ohms (100 ohms recommended)

Coil Impedance:
24 ohms

Frequency Response:
15 Hz – 30 kHz

Channel Balance:
Within 1dB

Channel Separation:
30 dB

8.2 g

Additional information

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