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A modern audio preamplifier should act as an interface between the music sources and the power amplifier, ideally matching impedances and provide a volume control functionality.

Olympus is preamplifier in the Master Divine Series, quad-mono, true balanced design, ultimate channel separation (3 Chassis) and newly improved sophisticated volume control design that ensures – minimal signal path – (only one resistor!). All of the above, combined with the latest generation components, zero-loss design techniques, and cost-no-object parts/materials, classify Olympus to be a state of the art preamplifier! In compare with Divine Alexander, it is a step above with improvements in the design of our preamplifier’s analogue circuit, with NEW “ultimate” power supplies implemented externally in two different separated chassis (1/channel) and new transformers with special core, isolated from the chassis and encapsulated.

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Technical Specifications:

– Full balanced quad-mono with two separate PSUs
– Analog Inputs: 3 pairs XLR, 2 pairs RCA
– Analog Outputs: 2 pairs XLR (1 as standard and P-LINK)
– Voltage gain: +8db (2)
– Maximum input level: (+17dbu) 5,6Vrms XLR, (+11 dbu) 2,8Vrms RCA
– Input Impedance balanced (XLR): 60 KΩ
– Input Impedance single ended (RCA): 30 KΩ
– Output Impedance : < 10 Ω - Frequency Response: (-3dB) 0.1Hz – 500kHz - THD + N: 0.0172% @ 1kHz - Signal to Noise: 119db General Specifications: - Display: TFT 5′ 800×480 LED 16.7M - Power Consumption (Standby): 10.5W - Power Consumption (Operation): 17W

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