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CDT 100

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CDT -100 is YPSILON’s top loader cd player/transport. The transport’s primal objective is to retrieve data from the cd-disc with as much accuracy as possible. The laser head is extremely sensitive to vibrations so CDT-100 provides a rigid and resonant free construction.

The CDT 100 is a stand-alone product of high performance. It carries a Spdif out put so it can be linked to any outboard DAC. But for ultimate performance, which will astonish all who encounter the combination, then via the 5 pin output to the Ypsilon DAC-100.

CDT-100 provides 3 outputs.

– One SPDIF 75 Ω next gen connector.
– One pair of RCA , analog connections , for use as a CD player.
– One Neutric 5-pin analog current output for use with DAC-100.

Ypsilon strongly recommend the use of the 5-pin output with DAC-100 for optimum performance. It is their belief that transmitting audio in the digital domain (SPDIF), has its imperfections and adds a certain character to the sound. The frequency of bit clock and data bit is too high for transferring the signal in a transparent way.

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Digital output: SPDIF (75 ohm) RCA
Analogue output: RCA
Analogue current output: YPSILON 5 pin CONNECTOR
Output voltage: 2,0 Vrms
Output impedance: 1.2 Kohm
DAC chip 24bit: Non-oversampling
Power consumption: Typically 20W

Additional information

Dimensions 400 × 400 × 120 mm
Lenght of cable