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Brand: Storm Audio

StormAudio™ is the flagship brand of Immersive Audio Technologies, a French company of passionate people who design and manufacture immersive sound processors and power amplifiers for high-end home theaters around the world. Storm Audio is dedicated to designing equipment that can create the truest possible surround sound reproduction. With an exclusive distribution network, their products are available virtually worldwide and through service centers in France, the United States and Hong Kong, they provide worldwide support to their clients, business partners or distributors.

StormAudio™ Vision

Focus on sound quality
To ensure this goal, they use a series of processors utilizing DSP chips designed for audio processing. The DSP chip processes the sound in real time, so there is no interference from the operating system. In addition to high-resolution digital audio processing, the devices have also been designed with great attention to the analogue part, with low-noise power supplies and very advanced audio circuitry that challenges some of the best high-end stereo preamps in performance.

Deceptively simple
Intuitive web-based user interface (WebUI) brings audio quality into the home without limitations. Storm Audio™ uses Dirac™ technology to calibrate the room. With the Dirac Live Calibration Tool and the new Bass Control module, which they were the first to implement, users can automatically calibrate their system in a quick and effortless process. Simple and musical.


An immersive sound
Absorbing sound is one of the most significant advances in home cinema in recent years and is seeing tremendous traction in applications. It’s contributing to a growing trend for environments that engage people in a deep, emotional experience of watching movies or live music.

The StormAudio product range supports all immersive audio formats available today, and all 3D audio codecs are a standard feature of all StormAudio processors.

With binaural headphone technology for residential applications, StormAudio allows you to experience immersive sound through headphones. SphereAudio is a StormAudio exclusive feature that can deliver virtualized immersive 3D sound on any pair of high-quality headphones.

Dirac Live Calibration Tool
Great recording and production studios understand that exceptional speakers don’t guarantee exceptional sound. Room acoustics are the weakest link in most sound systems, so acoustic treatment is a necessity.

Dirac’s sound optimization kit includes digital room correction to help your speakers reach their full potential in any listening room, whether it’s a comfortable lounge or a large theater.

StormAudio offers the most advanced integration of Dirac Live Room Correction and is the first in the world to support the new Bass Control module on up to a 32-channel system with any number of managed subwoofers. This ensures perfect control of bass response in any room with minimal seat-to-seat variation in the low frequencies.

Roon Ready
Being Roon Ready means that StormAudio processors transparently discover and connect to Roon without any configuration, and bit-perfect audio is delivered from Roon to your processor.

Together, Roon and StormAudio deliver the power, flexibility and amazing performance of network audio with the simplest setup and highest reliability available.

Who is the StormAudio brand for?

If you’re a fan of series and movies in both audio and visual quality, StormAudio processors are clearly for you. With them, you’ll give your home cinema a top standard at all times.

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