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Brand: Ferrum

Polish pioneer in the field of headphone amplifiers.

While exploring their roots, the new Ferrum team realized that the region where they were all born and worked for the last part of their lives has a history of craftsmanship. One of these crafts was driven by the very large iron deposits in the Warsaw region, which led to metallurgical specialization.

Another very famous craftsman who has undoubtedly made his mark in the history of classical music is, of course, the world-famous composer and virtuoso pianist Frederic Chopin. He was born in “Żelazowa Wola”, 42 kilometres from the company’s headquarters. The ability to work and study extremely hard seems to be ingrained in this region. Like Chopin, Ferrum is destined to bring his musical art to the whole world. A fun fact is that Żelazo means iron in Polish and points to the inspiration for the Ferrum brand.Acknowledging the father of HEM’s parent company, CEO Marcin Hamerl, who was a blacksmith, forging iron for most of his working life. Marcin himself is nicknamed “the hammer” and HEME is a type of mixed iron, so the name Ferrum Audio is no surprise. All the ingredients were right in front of them.

The Ferrum product range.

Seeing HEM’s competence and the region’s rich local history of quality craftsmanship inspired the idea of creating a new brand of quality hi-fi products. The Ferrum brand was created in early 2020 with the aim of combining sustainability, durability and quality into compact yet attractive packages focused on one thing and one thing only: delivering the best possible audio experience at an affordable price point. When Ferrum created HYPSOS, it redefined power supply design. When Ferrum created the OOR headphone amplifier, it raised the bar for intimate, analog listening through your favorite headphones. With the ERCO DAC/AMP headphones, Ferrum has put one and one together to forever change the way you enjoy digital and analog sound. Exciting future products will follow in unique, interesting and new ways.

A combination of craftsmanship and sound, firmly rooted in their own backyard, this is the Warsaw region of Poland and Ferrum is the Latin word for iron. All they needed to do was look at their own region, remember their own family history, their relationship with nature, local industry and hard work to show their newborn the rest of the world. Ferrum Audio is the result of locally designed and manufactured audiophile audio electronics, the culmination of years of experience and knowledge.

Who is the Ferrum brand for?

If you are a fan of listening to your favourite music on headphones and are looking for a unique price-performance amplifier to go with it, as well as a precision power supply, you should definitely reach for Ferrum products.

What to expect from Ferrum products

You can expect Ferrum products to push any headphone to its limits. What makes them exceptional is that they deliver the most transparent and detailed soundstage you’ve ever experienced. They add soul to your music with tremendous dynamics, ultra-low distortion, and unparalleled detail.

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Ferrum ORR Fully Balanced Analogue Headphone Amplifier



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