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Wavelight DAC

In our quest for developing a package for the audiophile seeking more than just high-quality audio reproduction, Rockna Audio realized several things. Firstly, they need digital precision but with „analog” charm, free of any „digital glare” yet with rich detail. Secondly, this package needs to provide outstanding value, future proofing, new features and a stunning, timeless design. This is how the „Wavelight DAC” was created, more than just a little brother for the accomplished „Wavedream”.

Wavelight DAC employs the latest Xilinx 7-series FPGA which allows to assemble the functions of a custom high performance R2R processor. The Wavelight’s digital processing capabilities are built with complex VHDL coding and state of the art FPGA hardware. The architecture is described, in fact, by a piece of software.

When upgrading the Wavelight with new firmware, you actually change its hardware. This system allows great flexibility, obsolescence protection and lets improve the sound of your dac by changing its internal architecture, add new, cool features, or improve the existing ones. Each digital block is custom built under the Rockna Audio high-performance standard.

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S/PDIF: 24bit 44.1-192k PCM, DSD64
AES/EBU: 24bit 44.1-192k PCM, DSD64
USB: 32bit 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-512
OPTICAL: 24bit 44.1-176k PCM, DSD64
I2S (LVDS): 32bit 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-512

THD+N: R2R/HYBRID: -0.005%/TBD
S/N ratio (0 dB): 117 dB
Dynamic range: 117 dB
Output impedance: 50 ohms
Max. out (SE/XLR): 2.4/5.8 Vrms

THD+N (RCA): -113 dB
THD+N (XLR): -119 dB
Selectable Gain (RCA): 0/6/9.5 dB
Selectable Gain (XLR): 8/14/17.5 dB
HT bypass: YES

Silicon technology: Xilinx Spartan7
Dac type: R2R 25 bit + Hybrid mode (in development)
Memory-based PLL, digital domain only: 300 fS jitter
Custom digital filters: NOS, linear, minimum and hybrid phase, 8x
Filter type: (advanced convolution): Parks-McClellan, 2.5K taps
Mathematical precision: 60 bit
Stopband attenuation: - 135 dB
Passband ripple: 0,00003 dB
Volume control: Digitaly controlled ANALOG

- Display: white dot matrix array, dimmable
- 3 control switches
- Android/IOS remote control app
- Firmware upgrade via USB/BT
- Full aluminium chassis

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