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Wavedream NET

The Wavedream NET is a unique product which adds together a high performance audio server and a latest generation, memory-based cd transport. You can enjoy your cd collection, internal storage playback or latest streaming experience from only one machine. The NET is naturally the best complementary source for the Wavedream DAC over the HDlink(I2S) connection.

The NET is built around a powerful digital audio core, which streams all audio data into a large RAM buffer. The audio data is clocked out after a ultra-low phase noise masterclock, making the machine close to a ideal source. The powerful FPGA engine takes care in exclusive mode of the disc playback, which is totally separated by the server side. Also, the FPGA contain a large number of DSP units which can be very effective in real-time processing of audio streams, saving lots of processing power from the server’s side CPU.


The WDNET software pack is a dynamic collection of audio services. They are controlled over a simple and straightforward web interface which can be accessed from the phone/tablet or a local computer. Currently following services are supported:

1. Roon Server – recommended control app: Roon remote
2. MPD Server – recommended control app: MPD control, MPDroid
3. Upnp/DLNA
4. Airplay
5. HQplayer NAA
6. Disc ripping – FLAC, WAV, MP3 on local storage


Digital audio is a very dynamic field which can quickly evolve just in a matter of months. The webserver interface along with services can be easily updated with just a simple.

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- PCM 44.1K-384K, DSD64-DSD256
- Local storage (ssd only): 1 TB or 2 TB; on special request 4TB
- Inputs: ETH, USB mass storage
- Outputs: SPDIF, AES/EBU, BNC, 2xHDlink(I2S), USB

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