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– Toroidal Isolation
– Noise Filtering


Torus Power’s “TOT” Series consists of compact models that bring toroidal power conditioning to a new price point, affordable for most applications and packed with features, the TOT Series is an easy choice to improve performance of all audio and video systems.

The TOT MAX, rated at 8 Amps, can provide current to demanding power hungry systems including substantial power amplifiers.

All TOT models feature a courtesy USB charger outlet. Options include a dress aluminum faceplate (Black or Silver) and a 19″ rack mount adapter kit. TOT units include circuit protection through a replaceable varistor. Torus Power non-sacrificial Series Mode Surge Suppression (SMSS) is also available as a factory-installed option.

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Configuration: SH (Shelf Model), RK (Rack Mount), IW (In-Wall)
Chassis: 2U
Input Voltage: 220 – 240 VAC
Output Voltage: 220 – 240 VAC
Input Breaker: 1 X 8 Fuse
Output Current: 8 A
Power rating: 1820 VA
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
No. Outlets: 4
Inlet Type: IEC 15A (Shelf, RK)
Outlet Type: SCHUKO CEE 7/7, 16A / 250V
Output USB: 5.1 VDC nominal/ 2300 mA maximum

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Gewicht 17.7 kg
Größe 369 × 318 × 101 mm