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Salient Pro

The Pillartech Audio SALIENT PRO loudspeaker rack and its additional system elements can highly improve the rigidness of the framework, thus maximizing the full vibration damper abilities.

In the interest of appropriate stability the 40 mm thick and solid modular metal framework system was built on a wider-than-expected base panel. At the meeting points of the base and vertical framework elements we use up 60 x 15 mm wide stabilizing modules which makes the whole system rigid. Between the 100 mm wide modules of the vertical pillarsystem there are 10 mm wide impacted carbon steel modules. The statical combination of the aluminium alloy (perunal) and the carbon steel biner alloy makes perfect vibration damper environment.

The unique formating makes possible for additional piece of modules to be involved in the system and thereby the height is easily positionable. The extraordinarily rigid framework of the loudspeaker stand is special because it is made of the combination of two metal alloys with high precision which results high rigidity and stability.

The unique formation leads to improved performance especially at the dinamic deep and medium territory which is more opened and has more freedom against the traditional foots because they had hollow steel feet. The stereo imaging and the precisional timing magnetize the attention at the defined and ruled performance of the bass.

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Top panel 1. (w x d x h) : 19 x 27 x 3 cm
Top panel 2. (w x d x h) : 19 x 30 x 3 cm
Base panel (w x d x h) : 37 x 43 x 4 cm
Perunal pillar module A : 1 cm
Perunal pillar module B : 5 cm
Perunal pillar module C : 10 cm
Perunal stabilizing module : 1,5 cm
Stick module connecting element : M10 inox
Steel spike : M10 inox
Fixing amp screw : perunal
Floor protecting disc : perunal
Surface treatment : black silkshine
Metal surface treatment : thread grinded silkshine
Basic model height : 65,5 cm Modularly expandable!
Weight : 13,5 kg / piece

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