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RM 30


– Toroidal Isolation
– Noise Filtering
– High Instantaneous Current Capability
– Lightning and Surge Protection


The original Torus Power models in the RM series remain unparalleled for performance, protection, and value, with models from 4 Amp to 45 Amp.

A popular model in the RM series is the RM 16CE. Smaller models RM 8 CE are ideal for mid-size systems, while the RM 4 CE can be dedicated to front-end components, media servers, etc.

Larger custom installation models rated 30 Amp and 45 Amp provide clean, protected power for the largest custom installed systems.

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Faceplate: 17″ Silver (CS)
Chassis: 4U
Input: 220 – 240 VAC
Output: 220 – 240 V
Input current limiting: 2 X 30A (F)
Output current: 30A
Power Va: 7200
Frequency: 50/ 60 Hz
No. Outlets: 8
Inlet type 250V: Twist Lock 30A
Output style 250V: SCHUKO CEE7, 16A

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Gewicht 78 kg
Größe 483 × 483 × 203 mm