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QBT Cable Run-in Machine V5.1

The core of the machine consists of a crystal oscillator that powers a 70-watt amplifier module, the module drives the load before input to a custom developed control system. From the logic of the control system, the current required for each cable is set on the fly. This avoids the problem of over or under powering the cables.

There are five channels in the QBT Cable Run-in Machine and these are for speaker cables, power cables, digital cables, RCA cables and balanced XLR cables. The first two channels, for speaker cables and power cables, have a power output of 70 W, a voltage of 24 V and a frequency response of 0 Hz to 50 KHz. The last three channels for digital cables, the RCA cables and XLR cables, use only 5 watts because the cables are much smaller in diameter. However, the signal remains at 24 V and the bandwidth at 0 Hz to 50 KHz.

30,000.00 mit MwSt.,

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Größe 450 × 340 × 140 mm
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