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A.S.P. POSEIDON POWER CABLE: TRITON, KRAKEN, LEVIATHAN are names of mythical denizens of the deep. POSEIDON, the ruling deity of all the seas, stands above them all.

More than just another high-end audio power cable, a statement, a showpiece, the culmination more than 25 years of development, experimentation, and user feedback.

Combining a multitude of exclusive technologies and design elements intended to extract every last bit of possible performance.

If a single word encapsulated POSEIDON’s most prominent attribute, it would be “control”, low frequency in particular.

POSEIDON takes imaging and staging to the most extreme level, exposing layers of depth and uncovering every micro and macro detail while maintaining complete control across the entire frequency range.

A large and heavy cable, with layers of impenetrable shielding and mechanical damping not found on any other cable design.

A literal black hole for interference and noise, making POSEIDON the quietest power cable on the market.

Made entirely by hand with own proprietary components and absolutely no “off-the-shelf” commercially available parts.

Unique, game-changing design and technology whose effects are indescribable and must be experienced to be appreciated.

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Product Specifications:

A.S.P. POSEIDON power cables employ 6×3 heavy-gauge Cryo-treated, custom slow-extruded silver/palladium AeroStrandUltra™ ribbon conductors. Vacuum dielectric; Nylon and FEP Teflon inner core drawn to 675mm Hg. Multi-layer shielding with H.D.A. 100% radiation invulnerable foil + silver braid + ASPIS carbonized nylon/plated copper outer shield.

Geometry consisting of 3 individually insulated vacuum chambers, damped and shielded in a twisted helix configuration. 3 individually shielded, heavy gauge plated silver ground wires, Ultra-high density granulated HDA alloy + ferrite + silica mechanical damping/shielding layer.

Custom, hand made proprietary polymer/fiber plug + cable housings. Ceramic-infused AC/IEC plugs. Terminations: Cryo-treated, proprietary HYPERION silver alloy/platinum plated IEC and AC plugs.

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